Intro: Scripture Readings and Discussion Questions

We'll kick off this study of community by reading about the early church and Christian community from the book of Acts. Don't worry though -- this study won't be all about being better church members or even attending church. You can do that if you'd like. But the purpose of this course is to consider authentic community and how we can each be a part of a real community.

We'll consider community through the lens of Acts and our own experiences. We'll start by reading the entire book of Acts. I know that's a lot to ask but ... it'll be worth the trouble. Read four chapters a day and you'll be done in a week.

You don't have to memorize the book or even remember any story or passage in particular. But while you're reading or soon after you've finished, write down your thoughts about passages, people, or happenings that make an impression on you.

Check out the Intro to get started.

Intro - Christian Community in the Book of Acts Share Connect Belong Grow.pdf